Gerodontology Congress: Joining forces to improve (oral) health

Op 15, 16 en 17 mei vindt het 29th Annual congress of the European College of Gerodontology plaats in Amersfoort. Science for Health in aanwezig met de stand op dit toonaangevende internationale congres.

The congress theme “Joining Forces to improve (oral) health” represents a great challenge for (oral) health care professionals. During the next decade both geriatric dentistry and geriatric medicine will further develop its profile by incorporating innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. In delivering health care, effective teamwork can immediately and positively affect patient safety and health outcomes. The need for effective teams is increasing due to increasing co-morbidities and increasing complexity of specialization of care for older people. Therefore, this year`s congress will have a special focus on multi- and interdisciplinary teamwork approaches. In addition, new concepts will be presented that have evolved directly from the traditional principles of geriatric dentistry and medicine. The congress will reflect the diversity of Gerodontology and old age medicine in all its facets, and will offer new ideas and insights for clinicians and other (oral) health care providers working with older people in any continent of the world. Come to Amersfoort! It is always worth the trip, especially on the occasion of the 2019 ECG congress.

Gert-Jan van der Putten, MD, PhD
​President of the 29th ECG congress
“Joining Forces to improve (oral) health”